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Guidelines After Treatment

tanacs In the days following a Bowen Treatment the body continues to make the changes necessary to release tension and settle into new, healthier patterns.

What to avoid
The body keeps adjusting for days following treatment because the Bowen moves give the body triggers, which begin the healing process. Please avoid the following treatments up to 5 days after a Bowen session because they might interfere with your body’s healing process: massage, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic treatment, etc.

Also avoid extreme hot or cold for 72 hours after the treatment: sauna, infrared sauna, very hot baths, heat creams, ice packs, etc.

Drink water
It is very important to drink 1.5-2 liters of water every day during the whole Bowen procedure, preferably a glass of water every hour to keep the fascia continuously hydrated. Water also helps relieve pain and flush out toxins from your system.

Go for a gentle walk
Your body will adjust its posture and relieve tension through movement. Avoid sitting for prolonged periods on the day of the treatment. Get up and walk around every half hour or so in order to give your body a chance to make the changes it needs.

If you have been given a few strengthening and stretching exercises please do them every day.

Detoxification reaction
Each person responds to the Bowen Therapy a little differently. Bowen Therapy encourages the proper functioning of all body systems, including those responsible for eliminating toxins. If your body has stored unnecessary materials, you may experience one or more of these detoxification sensations for a few days after a Bowen session. It is possible to experience a slight headache and/or mild nausea. Your body will function more effectively when the toxins have been released. During the detoxification the best way to minimize discomfort is to drink plenty of water, take large amounts of vitamin C and go for a half an hour walk every day.

After the treatment as your body keeps rebalancing itself you might experience slight muscle pain for a few days.

At the beginning of the next session we will discuss how your body reacted to the previous treatment.

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