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The Bowen Technique, the manual treating system developed by the Australian Thomas Bowen, is becoming more and more popular and appreciated all over the world. It is an effective method of releasing tension, eliminating pain, rebalancing the musculoskeletal structure and your whole system. It is a gentle, non-invasive, painless treatment, which has positive effects on your overall health.
You are welcome to try out the Bowen Technique in my peaceful, relaxing studio.
Enikő Horváth

Conditions the Bowen Technique can treat
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The Bowen Technique can treat a variety of conditions including acute and chronic. As this is a gentle method it is an ideal treatment for people of all ages.

Fertility & Pregnancy
Infant & Child Treatments
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The Bowen Technique can help boost fertility, reduce aches and pains during pregnancy and after delivery. It can treat various conditions of infants, children and teenagers.


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stress, insomnia, lumbago, abdominal discomfort, sport injuries, menstrual problems, rehabilitation after surgery, shoulder pain, back pain, etc.


About me
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I am passionately interested in how humans can achieve the ideal state of harmony between Body, Mind and Soul.



Shoulder and knee pain

"Close to two months of regular treatment stopped my shoulder and knee pain, which I had suffered from for over a decade."

Ildikó Kiss, Győr, Hungary

Tension, Insomnia

"After the treatments the tension in my body was reduced, I slept better and I had less mood swings."

Anna Kontra, Győr, Hungary

Spinal Hernia

"After the first treatment, I felt totally rejuvenated. The pain in my lower back was replaced by a pleasant, liberating feeling."

Éva Szobi, Győr, Hungary

Neck and Shoulder pain

"After a car accident, I suffered from neck and shoulder pain for over a year. After three treatments my pain completely disappeared and has not returned since."

Phyllis Urquart, Calgary, Kanada

Hip and Lower Back Pain

"Even during the treatments I felt cellular level tissue dissolution and changes. I recommend these treatments to anyone who want to restore their physical and mental health and also for preventative goal."

Dr. Emőke Szél, Győr, Hungary

Back Pain

"First, I doubted that this gentle, non invasive method could help me, but my back pain had completely disappeared by the next morning and this convinced me of the effectiveness of the Bowen Technique."

Paul Kowalchuk, Calgary, Kanada

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