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About me

bemutatkozas My name is Enikő Horváth. I am the mother of two wonderful children. I have a Masters of Arts degree in education, however I have been interested in naturopathy and holistic health all my life. I started to learn about herbal medicine and alternative healing methods at a very early age and I have been continuously educating myself in these fields ever since. Among others, I have completed courses in Ayurveda and herbology, I have studied Antroposophy, Astrosophy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Nonviolent Communication. I have taken a lot of courses and educated myself because I am passionately interested in how we, as humans, can achieve the ideal state of harmony between body, mind and soul.

When I first tried the Bowen technique I experienced its beneficial effects on my body and overall well-being. I was amazed at the fact how quickly – with just a couple of treatments – it helped me to get relief from my back pain, which I had suffered from for several months. The most surprising result of the treatments was that I also experienced their effect on my psyche and inner balance.

I decided to complete the training program of The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia in Budapest. While I was studying I became more and more enthusiastic about the method. One reason for this was that the people I treated while I was practising started to recover quickly after my sessions. The other reason was that this method’s philosophy, its respectful, non-invasive approach to the human body, and its healing process, totally fit into the view I hold about holistic healing.

I am thankful that fate led me to this wonderful healing technique, I am grateful to my teacher, György Liebe, who brought The Bowen Technique to Hungary and founded the Hungarian Bowen Association, which helps our work greatly. Our association offers us a lot of extra training programs by well-established trainers from all over the world, so we have the opportunity to continuously expand our knowledge in the field of Bowen Therapy.


Since I've completed the course at the Bowen Academy I've treated a lot of people in Hungary and in Canada. I have been encouraged by the amazing results to devote more and more time to treat clients with the Bowen Technique. I have also decided to open The Tree of Life Health Center where among other techniques you can also experience the benefits of this exceptional therapy in a peaceful, relaxing, healing environment.

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