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tapasztalatok Neck and shoulder pain
"After a car accident I suffered from neck and shoulder pain for a whole year. I went to physiotherapy regularly but unfortunately nothing improved my condition. Eniko was in Canada at that time and offered to treat me with Bowen therapy. She gave me a whole body and shoulder treatment. Honestly, for the first time, I did not think these gentle moves would help. During the treatments I felt relaxed, they were very pleasant, and I enjoyed them. The biggest surprise was that after three treatments my pain had completely disappeared and has never returned. Since my miraculous recovery, I have been eager to tell everyone about this amazingly effective method"
Phyllis Urquhart, Calgary, Canada

Sports Injury
"I pulled a muscle in my lower back during TRX training. I suffered from pain for a week. To my greatest surprise when Enikő treated me with the Bowen Technique, I got off the treatment bed and all the pain went away and has not returned since."
Ágnes Kelemen, Győr

Menstrual Problems
"My teen daughter struggled with such severe bleeding and menstrual cramps that her gynecologist had suggested giving her hormonal injections. We talked to Enikő about this, who said Bowen therapy had been very effective solving menstrual problems, so we decided to try this gentle method first. After 3 treatments, the amount of bleeding completely normalized, and the strong cramps had disappeared. Since then we have returned to Bowen therapy to solve other health problems. Among other things, it has helped my daughter ease her knee and ankle pain. We have had so much good experience with the Bowen Technique we recommend this extremely effective method to everyone."
Gabriella Molnár, Győr

Hip and lower back pain
"I went to Enikő with my hip and lower back pain. From the navel area to the bottom of the butt nothing worked normally, I had urinal problems, muscle inflammation, hip pain, etc. It is very reassuring to me that Enikő is an extremely empathic, sympathetic therapist who does not want to make you feel inferior. On the contrary, she always makes you feel comfortable and treats you as an equal partner. Trust is important, and with her I felt it was at a maximum level. Even during the treatments I felt cellular level tissue dissolution and changes. It felt like as if an invisible hand penetrated into the body and relieved the tensions inside by finding and resolving the root of the problem. All of this was done with confident, controlled but gentle moves. I felt a few times during the treatment that the tension was released from my hips, my body relaxed, and my soul loosened. The skeletal system was placed back into its original state. When I felt tiny pops at the cervical and dorsal area, I knew the order was restored. The body's self-healing processes were triggered with those gentle moves. Some symptoms intensified for a few days after the treatment but I was glad because I knew the therapy worked and the body was healing itself, restoring itself to its original, healthy state. I am grateful for finding Enikő and for her exemplary attitude towards her patients. I recommend her treatments to anyone who wants to restore their physical and mental health and also for preventive goals." Dr. Szél Emőke, Győr

"Since my second child was born, I have often suffered from lumbago. Last time it occurred I tried to get help from a massage therapist but unfortunately it got worse, the pain was so unbearable that I could not get down from the massage bed. I panicked, I had to call my husband to help me get off the massage bed and get down the stairs. That is when I asked Enikő for help. It was incredible how those few Bowen moves relieved me from most of the pain immediately. I was able to go up the stairs to the bedroom that day and I could walk around the next day and after a couple of days I became completely asymptomatic "
Adel Sipos, Győr

Back pain
I'm a 73-year-old retired man but I still like working in my workshop. One day when I was working my back started to hurt and the pain did not ease. Enikő offered to treat me with the Bowen Technique. First, I doubted that this gentle, non invasive method could help me but my back pain had completely disappeared by the next morning and this convinced me of the effectiveness of the Bowen Technique."
Paul Kowalchuk, Calgary, Canada

Spinal hernia, vascular surgery
"My spine was operated on 8 years ago, due to spinal hernia and a cracked vertebrae. The pain did not pass completely after the operation, it intensified periodically and then eased again. Following my doctors’ advice, I tried various therapies, massages, electric treatments, painkillers, and cartridge strengtheners.
Two years ago, I felt severe pain again, and I read an article about Bowen therapy online.
After the first treatment in which, to tell you the truth I did not really believe, I felt totally rejuvenated. The pain in my waist was replaced by a pleasant liberating feeling. After three treatments I had almost no complaints for half a year. If the weather or a bad move causes the pain to return, then I'll go to 1-2 treatments and I'm back again in top form.
Last year I had to have a vascular surgery on my right leg but unfortunately my leg got swollen because of fluid retention and my doctor told me I need to have another operation to get rid of the excess fluid. I did not agree to do this. Two Bowen treatments initiated the absorption of the accumulated fluids, so no extra medical intervention was needed.
I am grateful for Enikő, because her treatments spared me a lot of pain!"
Éva Szobi, Győr

Chronic Back Pain
"I had chronic back pain for about 3 years. I saw a chiropractor and she found that a muscle was pulling on one of my discs. This was from an old injury. The chiropractor did some adjustments but it hurt even more after. The first session of Bowen that you gave me made the pain go away except when I lay on my back, which is amazing because I always had pain. I didn't start having discomfort again till about 5 months later. I wanted to find a Bowen therapist but couldn’t. The 2nd session you gave me was equally effective. I also love Bowen therapy because I feel so relaxed. I recently started yoga and I've found that shavasana (the restful meditation pose at the end of the yoga session) to be very relaxing but Bowen therapy is far more relaxing and restorative. I often think about going for Bowen here but I don't want to be disappointed by some other therapist because I have a feeling that the therapy mixed with your peaceful nurturing nature is what had made Bowen therapy such an effective experience."
Tanya Faure, Calgary, Canada

Body and soul tension, sleep disturbances, abdominal discomfort
"A colleague of mine recommended Bowen's therapy. Because I am interested in natural remedies, I went to the first treatment with great curiosity. I really liked it because it is a gentle method. After the treatments the tension in my body was reduced. I slept better. I felt generally better, and I had less mood swings. After the treatments, urine excretion also increased, and I felt that the stagnant water was gone. Furthermore, the unpleasant symptoms of my prolapsed uterus eased as well, which made me very happy."
Anna Kontra, Győr

Shoulder, knee and back pain
"My shoulder pain started after giving birth and lasted for a decade. There were a few periods when the pain eased a little due to medication, steroid injections and anti-inflammatory drugs. Later the pain appeared in my knee joints as well. I was a regular visitor at the rheumatology department every year or two. Unfortunately, when I started doing sports and went swimming regularly my symptoms increased and the pain-free periods reduced. Then, almost 10 years later my symptoms started again so I went to experience the therapeutic effects of the Bowen Technique on Enikő's comfortable massage table. The treatment and the relaxation breaks between the moves put me into a very deep relaxed state, sometimes I even fell asleep. At the beginning of the series of treatments my pain intensified a little but after two weeks the improvement was noticeable. Close to two months of regular treatment stopped my shoulder and knee-pain. Since then I haven’t needed any further treatment. In addition Enikő gave me some advice regarding changing my lifestyle: do some exercise at home, drink plenty of water and eat healthy food."
Ildikó Kiss, Győr

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