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babamama Our story

I would like to share our story with you first because I consider it miraculous how I became pregnant with my little daughter at the age of 43. I have always wanted a second child but I did not succeed in conceiving for 11 years after my son was born. I was ready to give up and let go of this dream when I found out that I was pregnant right before taking my final Bowen exam. I believe the Bowen Technique had a lot to do with this wonderful achievement. Preparing for the exam we treated each other a lot, practising everything even the ’fertility moves.’ The treatments had a great effect on my overall health, physical and mental balance, I felt much better than decades earlier.

During my pregnancy I received a few Bowen treatments, which helped to release the tension in my back. Apart from the back pain I had no other problems during the pregnancy and I could give birth to a healthy baby girl with completely natural birth without using any painkillers.

I treat both of my children regularly with the Bowen technique. Maya could walk really early at the age of 10 month, but both of her feet rotated inwards quite in a wide angle. By the age of 2 her feet were almost totally straightened out.

My son Max is a young sportsman. He plays hockey for the local club, so I often treat his sport injuries with the Bowen Technique. Thanks for the Bowen technique his injuries heal much faster than before.

The Bowen Tecnique and Fertility

Bowen Therapy has a surprisingly high success rate in fertility treatment (The Guardian August 2001). Infertile couples undergoing Bowen Therapy have had remarkable success and report on the fast and effective results of this technique in treating infertility.

Bowen can be used to treat infertility by:

  • Inducing deep muscular relaxation – mental and emotional stress can cause muscles to tighten and restrict the natural blood-flow, lymphatic drainage and nerve supply of the body, all of which can affect fertility. Relaxation of muscles aids the natural flow of processes necessary for ovulation, conception and a healthy pregnancy

  • Applying a particular system of moves that addresses the endocrine (hormonal) system and pelvic area. These moves can have a positive effect on both male and female reproductive systems, working on functional problems such as low sperm count, infrequent ovulation, ovarian cysts and endometriosis as well as other conditions leading to infertility.

  • Relaxing the mind – fertility problems are not always physical and both the autonomic nervous and endocrine systems are influenced by the mind. As the Bowen technique is powerful in relaxing the mind, it enhances confidence and positive thinking which, in turn, have a beneficial effect on the health of the physical body.

Bowen and IVF

Bowen Therapy also works with couples using IVF and other assisted conception techniques. IVF can be physically, mentally and emotionally stressful. The gentle moves of Bowen Therapy can aid in relaxing and rebalancing the body and mind, resulting in increased physical, emotional and psychological health and well-being. The effect of Bowen on the musculoskeletal structure, blood-flow, nerve supply and autonomic and endocrine (hormonal) systems can prepare the body for successful IVF treatment and a healthy pregnancy.

Bowen during pregnancy

If you are experiencing any of these physical and emotional conditions the Bowen technique can help you a great deal:

Back pain/ache; sciatica; fatigue; achy legs; headaches; anxiety; neck and shoulder tension; carpel tunnel; swollen ankles; constipation; fear of birth; breathlessness; depression; sleeplessness; Pelvic Girdle Disorder; sacrum pain; overdue baby; to name but a few.

As your centre of gravity changes during pregnancy, so do the stresses on the spine. Added to this are the hormonal changes that are stretching and make your pelvis more supple for birth. This seems to be when backache intensifies and appears to be more frequent. Bowen can assist all the way until labour begins and can be used during labour as well.

Bowen for the mother after giving birth
Post-Partum Care and Healing

As the Bowen Technique stimulates the body’s own innate ability to heal itself and because it is so gentle and non-invasive it can be used after labour, after caesarean or for perineal healing and pain relief post-delivery. It helps to reset the position of the pelvis, helps the uterus to return to its normal position and strengthens and regulates the body.


There are specific moves to promote lactation and it is a very effective tool for helping relieve upper back, shoulder and neck pain often experienced during breast-feeding. It can also help you to sleep better and feel more rested generally.

Bowen for infants

Babies are very receptive to The Bowen Techniques’ gentle and subtle approach as their bodies are used to getting new information all the time.. A whole body response is achieved and relief from the symptoms of colic, reflux, digestive issues and muscular and skeletal imbalances can be corrected.
Bowen can help your baby with the following symptoms:

  • Colic (Internal discomfort, such as wind, bloated tummy, straining, digestive issues)

  • Unresolved physical issues due to a prolonged or difficult birth

  • Overloaded nervous system (unsettled, fast delivery, startled by sudden movement or loud noises…)

  • Misalignment (neck tortion, difficulty feeding, generally uncomfortable, posterior birth, forceps, suction/vacuum extraction delivery..)

  • Reflux (relieving the symptoms of reflux, aiding digestion.

Bowen for children and teenagers

A child's Bowen session is very gentle. Many report finding it a pleasant and relaxing experience. All therapy sessions are carried out through light clothing, whilst the parent / guardian remains in the room.

Conditions responding well to Bowen include:-

ADHD, asthma, autism, allergies, bed-wetting, constipation, cerebral palsy, chest infections, clicky hips, colic, croup, dyspraxia, eczema, glue ear, growing pains, headaches, muscular and skeletal problems, panic attacks, psoriasis sinusitis, stress and many more. In addition it can improve/correct posture balance and co-ordination helping the child to learn new skills and improve confidence.

Bowen benefits include:-

Improved sleeping pattern; more balanced energy level; better concentration and application; enhanced motor control and behaviour and generally happier, quieter children. It also aids recovery from trauma e.g. difficult birth, accident, a family death, divorce/separation within family. Some childhood ailments may require regular treatments.

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